Tuesday, 23 August 2011

counting the days and i have no mood

its only left only about two days for me to go back home..
i will go back home on thursday :)
because there will no class on friday.

however,  it makes me no mood to study and revise the subjects.
it makes me become so lazy and tend to do no other than online and online.

i am so scared and nervous although the final exam is on 21 september 2011.
oh my god. only a month left for the final exam.

and the test 2 will held on 7 september 2011. exactly after raya celebration holiday.

so, it will be a rayaless -,-'


putput said...

raya sakan dulu for 1st n 2nd day. then, study r

aida ejun said...

epy raya~

mayday said...

welkem bak

naqib rahim said...