Wednesday, 24 August 2011

annoying people

when you go to some places.
you will meet people that make you uncomfortable.
so,it could be same as the annoying orange on the youtube show.

the definition of annoying maybe differs to the other people.
for example, i am really feel so annoyed when i am studying and focusing in lecture but the annoying people come and say "dah la tak yah la study", "pergh gila la ko study", "tudia budak genius"


some of other examples are when the annoying people come and ask you wether you study last night, and then you say yes. they will response like this "gile la study.aku tak tau bila la aku nak start study ni" once again if bad word can be used, surely i used.
however, when we say we not study, they will say "tipu la, ko mesti studynye".
im speechless -,-'

so, to avoid this.

don't follow what other people do, but always follow your heart and your mind ask and do it at maximum level