Monday, 6 June 2011


ok, now i have about 4 hours before my next class started.
because of i cant open facebook due to access denied during office hours.
i think i should write something to avoid the boredom.
ergghhhh!!! -,-"

the FIRST difference is at uitm there are two genders. i mean got boys and girls.
it is quite weird when i going for class that are fulled with female species that make the class terrible.
so different when i at star that all the boys are so hardworking and willing to concentrate compare to girls here who like to talk and gossiping only which can ruin my focus.
haha..just joking

the SECOND difference is we stay at the quite comfortable room at puncak alam rather than dorm. but when we are in dorm, we feel like our friendship is so strong because we share everything than stay in just a room who appreciate the privacy value. if we are in dorm we feel like siblings. but stay at room in the apartment more comfortable.

the THIRD difference is the class time. when in star i woke up every morning at 5.55 a.m. :)( seriously tak tipu). than i go to surau al-hamdaniyah to performing my solat jemaah. but in puncak alam, it is hard to woke up early because the earliest class is at 8.30 so we just wake up at 6.45 a.m to perform solat and then sleep again until 7.45 a.m and ready for the there is no assembly so i just sing Negaraku and lagu UiTM in my room only.

ok, till here i blogging. need to finish up some homework.(actually kampus work) ..

p/s: i want 4.00 flat

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Ellynn said...

ala. not fair.. u can access wifi there.. here, at uitm perak. too many networks here but unfortunately i ca't access one..! seriously , tak suka tak suka..!! wooo!! girl like me tak suka gossip.. but yeahh, i agree most of girls suka gossip except me la..

p/s: laptop ade but wifi tak boleh masuk mmg sakit hati..! :"( send ur network kat sini.. :DDD
share pun tak pe.. hheheee

Kay Aiden said...

haahaha,,weyh,,ko btul2 nyanyi ke??HAHAHA,,,semangat~~LOL... *ak tau ko tak rajin camtu la..hehe

naqib said...

ellyn:abis tu online ni gne ape?bb ek?haha..btw kat bilik bkn gune wifi.xsampai pon wifi..gune cable lan.. :D

kay aiden:npe?xcye ke?haha

Ellynn said...

Aah kdng2 guna bb , when tak nak membazirkan duit guna lab pula.. Lab boleh masuk blogger je. Facebook and twitter tak boleh .. Nasib baik bukan peminat fb and twit.