Sunday, 5 June 2011

DAY out

yesterday was a really long day for me.
we, the old-boys (cehh ;D) from UiTM, Puncak Alam make a trip to mid valley.
(me,ikram,rahman,korea and zaki) is a long and tired journey for us as mid valley is situated far away from puncak alam.
we need to take two KTM and two buses to arrive at mid valley.

as we arrived there we met, the old-boys from um. they are izzudin,ciken,muazin,ahnaf and sayoq.
then hazim onn and sepet came.

it is so lucky that all the students at puncak alam have touch & go card.
it is like this, but ours are red in colour.

so it is easy for us to go everywhere. just touch and go.
no need to queue up for a long lane at ktm nor need to prepare an exact amount for bus fare.

ok, i feel so hungry now. so, i  should go to raff or angsana to take some food.
after that i need to pass through the stairs to check out for my latest schedule.-,-"

p/s: why the books are so "cheap" and "thin" ?


puterinuraqiliah said...

asal smpi 2 ktm kena ambil? bukan ke 1 ktm jek
dari palam, naik bus U90, lps tu tukar naik bus U80 utk ke KL sentral
then, ambil KTM terus ke mid

so, 2 buses n 1 ktm

naqib said...

eh,kan ktm kene gi kat stesen pertukaran?
so makne nye dari shah alam - kl.sentral

kl.sentral - mid.
camtu la ;D

Mirul said...

ak ada jugak kat tue, trp design lain la... haha