Tuesday, 7 June 2011

mari merungut puncak alam !!!

when i translate the title above using google translate.

it writes like this :-
Let the natural peaks complaining !!!

wtf -,-"

ok,before that i would like to start blogging from now on using our colonialist language. it is english.
i know my english is as good as harry potter english.
so please dont complain any typo error nor word fatal that is used in this blog.
haha ;D

my next class will start at 3.10 p.m.. it is biology tutorial. so, it means i need to pass through the "great stairs" to go to the falculty.

oww emm jii..!!(euww)

so,by my excellent calculation. i need 2 walk down two times and walk up two times everyday.
so, we just calculate my mass.

mass given: 53 kg
amounts of stairs: 284 x 4 = 1136/++
distance: assuming it is 1 km from my campus to the lecturer hall

so, by one day. my mass will reduce about 1 kg.
then, after 53 days. i can be a superhero because i get the flying abilities due to my mass.


so, the conclusion is mari merungut puncak alam!


Azzam Yani said...

sabar eh naqib...huhu

naqib said...

kesian kan aku..hahaha ;D

fasha said...

naik bas jelah. haha.

naqib said...

tu la pasal..haha..:D

sherul said...

haha... rndu r nak nek tangga tuh...

naqib said...

datang la melawat..haha

Shikin-Sshi said...

ala ala cian die kena naik tangga 2x sehari. =P sy pun same dulu. ok tak kurus pun. haha

naqib said...

eh,tak kurus gak ke?
hahaha. ;D