Friday, 3 June 2011

culture shock

today is (looking at the  calendar) the 14th days for me at puncak alam. and it is the fifth day the class started. i felt so hectic and tired because everytime to go for class we must pass through the "the stairs of success". the amount of the stairs are 284 stairs. oww emm jii!!! so, if 1 day i passing through the stairs 4 times, 2 downwards and 2 upwards. 4 X 284 = 1136 -,-".. thats not included the stairs at the falculty and campus. nvm, it is the challenge for me to keep focus of what i am hoping and my dream. insyaAllah.

this in my class schedule.

it is so different from from STAR.
this is some of differences between UiTM, Puncak Alam and STAR, Ipoh:-
1)at STAR, the class start from 7.00 a.m and end at 5.30 p.m , but in puncak alam, the we depends on schedule.
2)the eating time at star is fixed, and we eat at dining hall. but we also can buy food at koperasi, canteen, mak cik ros or kiosk usahawan. in puncak alam, there are many stall that sell a lot of variety of food. we can buy at kolej kemudahan pelajar angsana or raflesia, kafeteria and also at pendeta.
3) at star, i thought it is the most tired for students to go to class as i was a green house member and the block situated far away from class. but when i arrived at puncak alam, the distance is about 4 times from my dorm to class.( i think more than 4 times maybe)
4) when it is evening, at star i always go out to play either football or futsal at the court. but in puncak alam, the it is so many students as about 3000++ students want to play at the courts and there are only 2 futsal court 1 basketball courts. sure not enough for 3000++ students. if at star my batch only 135 students and the place for us to leisure is enough for all although it is quite pack. maybe by 2015 when the puncak alam has finished 100% it will be enough for all the students here.
5)ok, i will continue next time.

p/s:ignore gramatical and spelling error. lazy to fix it. ty :)


Azzam Yani said...

have fun naqib!!! =D
tangga macam giler jek...batu caves x camtu...haha

mayday said...

keep up a good work!

naqib said...

haha..tangga dia memenatkan ;D