Wednesday, 5 October 2011

semester satu

hari ni hari nak buat post bermadah dan berpuitis.
sila jangan muntah.

setiap permulaan, pasti akan ada penamat.
dan setiap penamat, mesti dimulakan dengan pemulaan.

masa bergerak, dan terus bergerak.
saat berganti saat.
minit berganti minit,
jam berganti jam,
hari berganti hari,
minggu berganti minggu,
bulan berganti bulan,
tahun berganti tahun,
dan begitulah putarannya
terus meninggalkan mereka yang lalai dan alpa dengan nikmat sementara.
mungkin mereka seronok, mungkin juga duaronok atau tigaronok.
tapi anda boleh memikirkan ayat seterusnya kerana aku dah takda ayat nak tulis dah

alamak dah nak termuntah dah ni,

baiklah, back to the main objective.
before that please allow me to use english language as i need to sit for MUET examination this tuesday.

as i wrote above,
the topic that stated above.
it is the end of my first semester study for foundation in science at UiTM, Puncak Alam.
i hope all is going well.

this semester was a challenging semester as it is a new environment for me,
it is a university life.
it is about culture shock.
it is about the class with full of girls which i had never experienced before in my beloved  secondary school. thats why i tak biasa and sometimes just ignore them because it is "culture shock" and only be friend with the male friends.*HAHA nak bajet hot jap ;p
it is about being independent to live the life of being a university student, i mean an excellence university student.
it is about getting best result for this semester for sure the best result is 4.00 flat.

the peak of this semester one is the FINAL EXAMINATION of course.
it sounds quite scary and stressfull right.HAHA.

so, how was the examination?
the answer is tawakkal and just wait the result come out.

the life in Puncak Alam, is so different from my life in Ipoh.
i am so missing my school.
once a starian, always a starian :)

however life must be go on.
Alhamdulillah i have a great friends here.
thanks to all the members of rumah A2307.
we live as a happy family which consist of a daddy (fahim) a mummy (sarji) an older brother (imran) an older sister (iqram) two younger brother (zahid and adle) and a younger sister (syamil)
just joking. but we live happily in that way.
thanks also to my classmates for being my classmates *ada pilihan taknak jadi ke? HAHA
thanks to group F4, may all will get 4.00 flat. amin

okay, next as mention above, i need to sit for muet examination
i need to get at least band 4. wish me luck please :)

*tiba tiba aku tersedar* cisssss apa jadah aku tulis panjang panjang camni. buang masa cuti aku je.bukan ade orang baca ponnn =,='


Shafiqqah Shafie said...

haha ada je orang nak baca~pehh hari selasa dah amik MUET? Saya amik hari esoknya~lalalala...good luck!

mayday said...

dont worry mama pun baca blog ini hahahahhaha.kami adalah silent readers yang amat peka terhadap perkembangan anda!

mayday said...

oh ye, all the best Aqib!doa banyak2, bertenang dan the most important is: speak speak speak speak speak. doesnt matter if you are lacking of idea, the thing is, you have to speak well and be confident!

fasha said...

once a STFian always a STFian :) GOOD LUCK naqib for MUET

izzatyshahirah said...

im attacking your motive..hahaha..gud luck MUET..same goes to me too..

Anonymous said...

good luck my son...hahahahahaha :p

naqib rahim said...

thanks :)

Normyzatul Akmal said...

hahahhaa..lawak la kowang nie...btw,good luck ^^

naqib rahim said...

thnks ;D