Friday, 7 October 2011

how to get band 6 in MUET

a very good morning to all my beloved and lovely readers
i know some of you will be sitting for MUET examination.
but please dont feel scared and nervous
because i am here will give you some of the tips and tricks what to do to get band 6

okay, my name is Profesor Dato' Haji Muhammad naqib. i am a great profesor of University of Oxford, Kelantan.
the purpose i write this kind of article is to give some of you who will sit for this examination a view or scene about the real examination.

okay without wasting any more time,
the first tips i would like to share here is you must talk in english.
for sure it is english test, not malay test nor alien language test.
so just forget your typical acting korea budget words that come in your mind and just speak out loud english words
easy right?
i know all can do it well.

ok my second tips is, you must act like an englishman or englishwoman.
do you understand what i mean?
it is easy, you just wear shirts or anything that show you as an englishman.
so, it will give you unpredictable extra marks.

the third tips is, you must go to the side of this blog.
and then you press the follow button. easy right?
that pactice will give you marks on how to find follow button.
because it is in english.

oh, the time is not enough, and i need to stop writing here.
i wish all of you will get band 6 in your MUET

yours sincerely,

p/s: jangan ambik serius ;D 


c i k r i f a h said...

untunglahh dah tertipu XD

putput said...

kesengalan terpancar di sini=="
untunglaaah ambil MUET kan
good luck for MUET!

fasha said...

yeaayy ! naqib buat LAWAK ! btw, i'm scared for MUET :|

anadiyana said...

kekadang tu rsa cm nak hempuk lappy ke dinding pun ada gk....pandai btul wat lawak ea~

naqib rahim said...


Muhammad Adam bin Roslan said...

smart joke :)

Normyzatul Akmal said...

awesome la Profesor Dato' Haji Muhammad naqib =)

naqib rahim said...

haha ;D

The Real Nurna Azrin (^_^)v said...

aku bc ngan seriusnya... berkerut dahi woh

naqib rahim said...