Tuesday, 11 October 2011

preparation for MUET

what is MUET stand for?
hmmmm, HAHA tak da idea nak reka nama. LOL

okay okay,
today, i have prepared almost everything for the MUET test tomorrow.

okay, from early in the morning till late night today i have studied and revised MUET subject.
yeahh, it is watching moviesss. (got many "s" there)

i watched Harry Potter from the first episode until the second last. it is from the soccerer's stone until deathly hallows part 1.

unfortunately, i dont have the part 2.
i feel so excited and nervous want to know what happen next.
arghhh, cant wait any longer, i need to download it now.
but i dont know where to download.

 tomorrow speaking test will be at 11.00 a.m.
good luck to all candidates ;)

p/s: kan best kalau aku cakap loghat macam harry potter esok.


.sarahshamsudin. said...

all the best! (:

Muhammad Adam bin Roslan said...

wat elok2 naqib

naqib rahim said...

thanks. da abis da :)

fasha said...

saya pun dah hbs :)

naqib rahim said...


Shafiqqah Shafie said...

haha so how was it? okay? For me,I think it's fine..Hurmm ntah la huhu..anyway,good luck for another 3 tests~ ;)

naqib rahim said...

boleh laa. haha . thanks :D

Kyril said...

pyah x muet ?

naqib rahim said...

boleh tahan la,