Saturday, 20 August 2011

whats on my mind

it just a week for the students at center of foundation studies, UiTM puncak alam to go back to their hometown to celebrate aidilfitri.
maybe almost all of the students are very delighted and excited to go back to their home.

whats on my mind is about test 2 which will happen exactly after a week of hari raya celebration.
it makes me feel so scared and nervous.

i try to relax and chill but when a day passed by a day,
and the time approaches the day
it makes my nerve wrinkled and heart beating faster more than drummer of muse play a song.

to be honest,
i am so worry about mathematics. i need to lost at most 10 marks from test 2 and final to get A.
i hope i can.


Shafiqqah Shafie said...

hey..just take it easy..just do your best okay :)

naqib rahim said...

thanks :)

putput said...

ALL DA BEST! InsyaAllah boleh!

naqib rahim said...

insyaallah :) goodluck juga

mayday said...

you don't have to lose any point to get A. just do your best. full mark: its all yours.

naqib rahim said...

yes. hopefully :)