Wednesday, 17 August 2011

being deactivate

when you deactivate your facebook account,
it will appear a feeling.
a feeling that is hardly to describe by words or phase.
it is more understanding by the people who have deactivate their account.

to be honest, when you activate your facebok account,
you will feel freedom like maher zain's song
or more like so far away by a7x
and i can say also like time is running out by muse

being deactivate from this shitty socialnetwork create by a dumb man from harvard has make me appreciate my every second and minutes in life.

it is more time to do other benefits activity rather than being a noob checking for useless notification infront of laptop.

by this day, it has almost  2 weeks i have deactivated my account hence avoid lagha activity.

p/s: selamat menyemarakkan nuzul al-quran


fasha said...


naqib rahim said...

sangat untungg

syashafie said...

tried it also. 19 days ^^

naqib rahim said...

wah, lagi lama.. haaha :D