Tuesday, 17 March 2009

When I dream!

When I dream
I dream out my fears
Hoping that reality is near
So I can lure it to my lair
Then feed on my needs as need be

When I dream
I dream of love and power
Taking a cold shower
And ruling the world from a tower
Always looking up, never lower

But dreams come true
Oh! Yes they do
And dreams can quickly vanish into thin air
As they become as obsolete as stale beer

So when I dream
I dream about fighting the freezing cold with fire
I dream about aiming higher to grasp my desires
I dream of ways to inspire myself
By sweetly toiling out till I tire
Many a dream of mine are unwritten songs
To which I've known the words all along
Often I dream of places where I should belong

Sometimes my dreams are messages
Gobbled up in visual categorized stages
That is unexplainable and strange

When I dream
I dream about the impossible
And how to enable it
Without the obvious obstacles
It’s only then I realize that a dream is capable
Of becoming true for either me or you
Yet the reality of it all is
Then a dream is no longer a dream!

Copyright 2005 - Sylvia Chidi

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