Tuesday, 21 June 2011

i need holidays

absolutely now, i  am thinking that i am lying under the shed and feel  the melancholy sea breeze.

oww emm jii!!
although it is only about a month i am here, but i felt so tired.maybe it is due to the schedule and the work given.


i must change my mindset. 
erghhh -,-' 

p/s:  nak balikkkkkkk!!!!!!!!


Miss Y and Her World said...

i need rest too. penatt!!

singgah blog kamu ;)

Stop Play Innocent, Angel.

Azzam Yani said...

homesick!!! :/

Kay Aiden said...

homesick huh?? HAHAHAA xD

naqib rahim said...

mane de homesick!! -,-'

.sarahshamsudin. said...

yeahh.. me too!
rse nk blk je.. T.T

naqib rahim said...