Thursday, 9 June 2011


masa aku kat sekolah dulu,

kawan aku ada tanya kat aku.

"kalau kau nak ubah satu benda kat diri kau, apekah benda tu?"

lantas,aku pun menjawab:- "aku tak nak pakai cermin mata..."

okayy, back to english

fyi, wearing  spectacles is so annoying.
especially when you want to play football, or any other sports.
it is also when you are going to swimming pool or beach.
when i was at star, and the time was raining.
surely it would be a riant moment for the students.
so, we would play in the rain joyfully and laugh out loud ignoring the unstopable siren.

so,it would be hard for the spectacleman like me to join as the spectacle would take some damage when get crash or hit by the rainwater or maybe falling down to the ground.
(but sometime i just ignore condition of my spectacle and join them play football or rugby in a rainy evening.)

but, im very grateful and thankfull to Allah for this grace.

"I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet," anonymous

p/s: for your information, my friend stated above is Ahmad Azlan who will fly to Mesir in a couple of month. Good luck to him.

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