Saturday, 29 January 2011


For people who have Facebook account I bet you guys read lots of nauseous, queasiness, annoying and irritating status from all your friends each and everytime you logged in. And I know even your bestfriend do that. Yeah it is true that freedom of speech should be uphold and it is applied in Facebook. But nowadays it seems that everyone is abusing and mistreating their rights to say. 

There is philosopher, attention searcher, spoil brat, location updater, lyricist, politician wannabe n so much more. Everybody wanna be annoying. Even I sometimes did not realise that I have been kinda annoying. Guess annoyance is trending now. So today in the name of annoyance I would like to share the list of annoying Facebook status that I have encountered. For me annoyance is so subjective. I wonder if there is any freedom of not-to-know. I think it is listed under freedom of rights. By the way, unfriend button is created for a reason. Just in case you forgot.
"Kenapa la aku dilahirkan hensem lagi bergaya. Susah nak layan awek-awek selalu ajak dating ni. RIMAS!" (THE ANNOYING BASTERD)
"Mama, nak Blackberry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (THE GO GETTER)
"Chillin at Pavilion with Bedah and Senah." (THE LOCATION UPDATER)
"Moto gua laju, jom main sekilo." (THE REMPIT)
"lolololololololololol" (THE SUDDEN LOLER)
"Life is for people that are tough, cause life is tough and only tough people can live this life." (THE PHILOSOPHER)
"Babi! Pantat! Lancau! Nate! Sunni! Kunji! Pundek! Chu! Amput! Sohai!"
(THE 1Malaysia CURSE)
"Siapa takde kelas esok? Siapa? Siapa? Aku ada satu je" (THE QUESTIONER)
"Arggghhhh!!!" (THE ONE WORD MISTER)
"Sakitnya hati kena dump dengan jantan sial tu.Sumpah tak nak couple lagi"
"Hari ini kau datang riang
Tersenyum buatku senang
Kau hias dirimu
Membuat hati bertambah sayang"

"............................." (THE DOT MASTER)
"Liverpool will win this year! YNWA" (THE FICTION BELIEVER)
"Ada sesiapa tahu mana nak cari perempuan melayu terakhir?"
"Just got home from shopping. Zara, Gap, Topshop, Guess, all invaded!" 


"Menci uh bila owg kap itew uat aket aty, ase nak umbuk jew. ta uke"

# It is called status for a reason.

sekian,terima kasih:)) 


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